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A force-of-nature talent with the passion to match, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Alana Springsteen is already an expert at crafting the kind of songs that imprint on your heart forever. After learning to play guitar at the young age of seven, the Virginia Beach native began penning her own songs at nine, and soon started trekking to Nashville to co-write with industry heavyweights. In the tradition of powerhouse female Country stars she grew up on, Springsteen instills her music with an irresistible mix of charisma, confidence, and warm yet fearless honesty.

Now on the precipice of releasing her debut album, TWENTY SOMETHING, as a newly signed artist to Columbia Records NY/Sony Music Nashville, the 22-year-old reveals her rare ability to express complex emotions with impossible ease. Rolling out the anticipated collection in three parts, she explains, “Our twenties, they can be confusing, exhilarating, humbling, and unforgettable. We’ll mess things up, over and over again. We’ll learn, do better, and start figuring things out – the world around us and ourselves. And if we’re lucky … and we do the work … and we love hard, once in a while, we get these glimpses of what it feels like to get it right. TWENTY SOMETHING, that’s the title of my debut album and it’s about all of it.”

An incredibly detail-oriented musician who unfailingly holds her own with studio veterans, Springsteen first cultivated her laid-back self-assurance as a little girl. “Both my granddads are pastors, so on Sunday mornings they’d have me get up in church and sing a solo,” she recalls. When her maternal grandfather unearthed a dusty old classical guitar from the garage, she felt overcome with the urge to play. “The guitar was twice my size and I ended up with so many blisters on my fingers, but I never even thought of giving up,” she says. “It’s like I had an instant emotional connection with the guitar, where every time I picked it up I felt better.”

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